Executive Summary


Rising Phoenix Rehabilitation will strive to bring injured horses back to their full potential. With the help of the equine and racing community, our program will find horses in need, provide a healing environment, and ultimately find forever homes for our equine partners. We also will provide an environment for those service members suffering from combat related PTSD to volunteer in the rehabilitation of these animals, ultimately providing a mutually beneficial program for horses and military members and their families.


We will create partnerships with other equine and service animal rehabilitation centers. With the proper facilities, environment, and staff, we will provide a safe, serene, quiet therapeutic atmosphere for human, equine, and service animals to achieve maximum healing.


Through sponsorships, grants, donations, and traditional revenue streams, our vision is to build a state-of-the-art facility, which engages the best of equine and service animal therapies in conjunction with military-centric organizations and mental health professionals skilled in alternative/complementary trauma therapies. Alternate therapies may include: EFT, TAT, homeopathy, massage and Reiki.


Rising Phoenix will utilize the following tools:

  • A beautiful property, with impeccable grounds, will provide a peaceful setting.
  • A large multi-purpose building will house a hyperbaric chamber, for traumatic brain injury treatment and equine rehabilitation, veterinary working space, and conference room.
  • Veterinary and human health professionals working together with a well-qualified staff will ensure all aspects of care are maintained and followed.
  • Therapies will include: Equivibe, Game Ready, Swimming Pool, Cold Salt Water Therapy, Hyperbaric Chamber, Underwater Treadmill, Companion Laser Therapy, Equicizer, and traditional equine training.