Testimonial From Christina Smith

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Testimonial From Christina Smith

My name is PFC Christina Smith. I’m married to a CPL Cole Smith. My husband Cole has a Purple Heart from serving in Afghanistan, but it doesn’t come without a price. We struggle daily with his PTSD and TBI.

I’ve just become involved in an organization called Rising Phoenix Equine Rehabilitation, in San Marcos, Ca, who takes neglected and mistreated horses and train them to prepare them for future, forever homes. This center has now decided to reach out to a need in the community of veterans and service members near Camp Pendleton and use the horses to conduct 2 day workshops that help give these veterans a sense of peace.They are in need of funding, to continue to help our fellow service men and women.

I’m simply writing to ask you to share this cause, and give what you can. Bringing awareness to the possible programs available to members of the military maybe, just maybe, can change a life with awareness. PTSD is a quiet plague that has been reaping much havoc in the armed forces since the beginning of war. This program will change lives! but it needs to be heard first. If no one knows about it, it cant change anything.

Thank you so much for your help as we continue to proudly serve.